Who We Are

Welcome to the White Oak Church of God! We extend a cordial invitation to attend any or all of our services. The White Oak Church of God is a “non-denominational” assembly that comes together to worship in Spirit and Truth.

In our services, you can expect corporate prayer, congregational and special singing, and teaching/preaching from the Word of God. At White Oak, we have Sunday School classes for the different age groups, and we “offer” children’s church for those that prefer this over being in the service in the sanctuary. (Again, this is optional, children of all ages are welcome, and we love to see the children in the sanctuary services!). Also, we have regular Youth programs/services for our youth.

As relates to the “dress” generally found at White Oak: you can usually find “causal” to “formal dress” clothes depending on the individual choice.

In addition to Sunday School, the White Oak congregation typically has three scheduled services a week (with a few exceptions). While all are directed toward worship, each is somewhat different in arraignment. Example: In the Sunday morning service, we usually have the choir and the congregation doing the singing and the preaching of a biblical message. During the Sunday evening services, along with congregational singing, we have “special” singing from various soloists and groups and a message. The Wed. evening services are dedicated to prayer and Bible study/discussion. The youth group usually meets during the Wed. service.

The singing at White Oak is intended to encourage participation from the congregation and includes familiar hymns (from Hymnal) and familiar choruses with and without instruments.

We encourage those that assemble with us to bring their Bible and read, take notes and follow the text referenced in the message/lessons.

Again, we welcome you to our regular services, visiting or looking for a home church. If you have any questions, concerns, etc., please bring them to our attention.